The turkey turned out delicious. 

All I did is to take it out of the brine, pat dry with paper towels, let stand for 1 hour at room temperature, rub it with softened butter inside-out, sprinkle with some fresh ground pepper and cover it with a cheese cloth soaked in butter melted with rosemary in a sauce pan. 

Place the turkey on a grill on top of a roasting pan filled with dry white wine and some water and roast at 400 degrees F for one hour. Baste it every 30 minutes with some left over melted butter. After one hour, take out the cheese cloth and roast for one and a half hours at 350 degrees F. Our turkey was 10 pounds, so if your turkey is larger, you need to keep it longer in the oven, 3 1/2- 4 hours for a 20 pounds bird. Also ours was not stuffed, as we don't like stuffing, but if you do stuff it you also need to add extra time in the oven. The turkey is ready when the temperature in the thickest part of the thigh, reaches 170 degrees F. You need to be careful not to dry it too. 

We served it with roasted vegetables: carrots, green beans and tomatoes, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper, and put them in the oven with the turkey, for the last 45 minutes of the roasting time. 

Also made mashed potatoes: cut the potatoes in cubes, boil them in salty water, drain the water, add cold butter ( 1 tablespoon per large potato you boiled ) and mash together. Taste for salt, and if you want more you can add. Then heat 1/8 cup of milk per potato, and pour it over the mashed potatoes, mixing well, and you will have the most fluffy and delicious mashed potatoes. It is important not to use a blender/mixer for mashing them, because they will have the texture of glue! In order to have a fluffy consistency you need to mash them by hand with a potato masher, or even a fork will work for smaller quantities. 

The gravy I made by just placing the roasting pan containing the drippings from the turkey on medium heat on the stove, and let it simmer, adding 1 tablespoon of flour, to make it thicker, stirring constantly, until you reach the desired consistency. Strain and that's it!

Some green salad on the side, some pickles, and we had a very yummy Thanksgiving dinner. Followed by cake of course :) I will have a post about the cake soon.

Hope you all had a great time on Thanksgiving! And did you go shopping on Black Friday?
Thank you for reading,

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