I use my KitchenAid mixer way too often ...

I actually use it more often than I use my gym membership ... this is not good . But it is delicious . And what is it about pink meringue frosting that makes me so happy ?

Chocolate cake with ganache filling and meringue frosting 


  1. Hey there Ajda. I have exactly the same mixer in the same colour and love baking and cooking too. I'm in South Africa. Perhaps we should share some recipes.

  2. Hi Mrs. R ! This is the first comment I got on my new blog, thank you so much ! Good and yummy recipes are meant to be shared and I would love to do that ! I hope you enjoy your beautiful mixer as much as I do . It is so pretty and it just makes me want to use it every day ! It's a good thing we love cake so much in this house hehe

  3. Glad to hear that you use it a lot! I've been thinking about getting one, but was worried about how well it really works.