Citrus tart

I didn't make sweets with citrus before, but this tart was inspired by a friend who is pregnant, and told me she loves eating citrus this period and I wanted to bake something for her. This citrus tart sounded like the perfect choice.


1 1/2 cups flour
4 teaspoons sugar
pinch of salt
1 stick butter, cold and cut in half inch cubes
1 egg, separated; you will need the egg yolk and the egg white as well
1 tablespoon milk

4 eggs
1 cup sugar
1 cup citrus juice (I used 1 orange, 2 lemons, 1 tangerine and used a citrus juicer, so it is fresh and fragrant; also I left some pulp in for extra taste and texture)
1/4 cup heavy cream

These ingredients are for one pie. I made two pies today, doubling the quantities.

You will also need a 9 inch pie pan, a rolling pin, plastic wrap, pie weights or dry rice/beans, parchment paper, and some raspberries, fresh mint for garnish.


For making the crust:
In a food processor or stand mixer pulse/mix together flour, sugar and salt. Add the cold butter and pulse/mix until you have pea sized butter lumps. In a small bowl lightly beat egg yolk with the milk, then add it to the dough. Mix until it forms a ball. This shouldn't take very long, 1-2 minutes. Don't overwork the dough. 

Make  a ball out of the dough, place it between 2 plastic wrap sheets, and roll it with a rolling pin into a circle, 1 inch bigger than the pan. Remove the plastic wrap on the top, then with the help of the other plastic wrap lift the dough sheet , invert it in the pan, and discard the second plastic wrap. Fit dough into pan, making sure it rises above the pan's edge a little. Freeze for 10-15 minutes until it hardens. 
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

Remove pan from freezer, and prick the dough several times with a fork. Line with parchment paper, then fill with pie weights or rice/beans, and bake on the middle rack for 20 minutes. When 20 minutes pass, take it out of the oven, gently remove parchment paper and weights, and bake it for more 10 minutes.

Meanwhile prepare the filling by mixing all the ingredients together.
Take out the pan from the oven, and brush it with the egg white you saved.
Place the pan on a baking sheet, pour in the filling, and bake for 25 minutes.
Remove from oven and let it cool completely on a rack, for at least 1 hour.
Gently remove from the pan, and place it on a serving platter. 
Garnish with fresh mint leaves and raspberries, or with orange/lemon zest.
Serve it cold, with whipped cream or just as it is.  Tangy sweet delicious tart.

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