"Gingerbread" house

My first gingerbread house is ready! 

This is not technically a gingerbread house, as it is made with shortbread cookie recipe instead of gingerbread, because I wanted it to be light colored, instead of brown. I do not recommend this dough though, as the shortbread is so fragile, the house was kind of hard to put together, my roof broke in half, and had to do repair it (when a cookie breaks, the easiest way to fix things, besides eating it, is to put few drops of royal icing as a glue, and stick the two pieces together carefully, and let it dry over night. It will not even show it was broken ;) ), so I think it is better to go with the traditional gingerbread recipe, or for a light colored house with basic sugar cookie recipe.

I had so much fun making and decorating it! If you have some free time, I strongly recommend you make one yourself. You will love it! I especially enjoyed finding and buying all the candy, it was the perfect excuse to wonder around all candy stores and stock up on lots and lots of fun candy. Much more than I needed for this small house. I guess I will have to eat it now. 

I also put a Christmas tree inside of the house. I love seeing it though the heart shaped windows.

Love the little dots of color in the "tiles" I used for the roof, I was so happy to find those candy melts.

This is the back side of the house.

The icicles were hard to make, and it still did not come right. I guess i will just have to make another house. To practice, you know.

And this is to give you an idea of the size of the house. I really like the proportions of it. Isn't it cute?

I cut out the dough for this house by hand, using a beautiful template that Marian form was so kind to share. She makes the most amazing cookies I ever saw, and is my main inspiration, also the reason I started making cookies and this house too. Thank you, Marian!

Hope you all are having a great time preparing for the arrival of Santa. Can't wait to see what I get! 

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